Monday, August 22, 2016

I Don't Feel Like Praying

I don't feel like praying today.
My spirit feels flat,
my mind dull and slow.
My prayers seem empty,
there is no sense of presence or power.
Logic tells me this time is wasted.
reason suggests I cut it short
and get on with some productive activity.
A sinisterly familiar voice suggests
that only legalism could hold me here
when it's obvious it isn't working,
at least not today.
I'm tempted to leave,
I'll admit that,
but I don't.
Instead I offer you
the gift of my time and presence.
If all I have today is motion without meaning,
then I'll give you my motion,
my empty efforts,
believing that in Your own way
You will turn these listless attempts at prayer
into true intercession.

by Richard Exley

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I am placing my soul and my body
On Thy sanctuary this night, O God, 
On Thy sanctuary, O Jesus Christ, 
On Thy sanctuary, O Spirit of perfect truth,
The Three who would defend my cause,
Nor turn Their backs upon me. 

Thou, Father, who art kind and just, 
Thou, Son, who didst overcome death,
Thou, Holy Spirit of power, 
Be keeping me this night from harm; 
The Three who would justify me 
Keeping me this night and always. 
- From the Carmina Gadelica