Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epiphany Prayer

On this Epiphany I came across another Mozarabic prayer. It was entitled simply, Epiphany Prayer. As the Christ revealed Himself to the Maji, may He reveal Himself to us in a greater and clearer way this year.

This prayer was taken from the Mozarabic Breviary.

Thou, O Lord, art the Star of truth, that riseth out of Jacob, and the man that springeth from Israel. In the new Star thou showest thyself as God, and lying in the Crib God and Man, we confess thee to be the one Christ. In thy great mercy grant us the grace of seeing thee, and show unto us the radiant sign of thy light, whereby all the darkness of our sins may be put to flight: that so we who now languish with the desire of seeing thee, may be refreshed with the enjoyment of that blissful vision. Amen.